Free credit score with no credit card or subscription

It’s not hard to find a website that promises a free credit score. It’s harder to find a website that gives you a free credit score without asking for a credit card number.

Free credit with no strings attached

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Most free credit rating sites have a silence where they make you promise of a free credit score. But to get that result, they require you to sign up for a trial subscription to a credit monitoring service.

The catch is that you will be charged a subscription fee if you do not cancel within a certain period of time, usually seven days.

You shouldn’t give up your credit card number for something that should be free – and you don’t have to. There are several ways you can get a free credit score without entering your credit card number.

Sites with free points

Sites with free points provides a free credit score based on your TransUnion credit report. They also add VantageScore and insurance result, at no extra cost. While you may be asked for your Social Security number and other identification information, you are never asked to provide your credit card number. Best of all, you can check your credit score every day if you like.

Quizes allows you to view Eva Credit Score and Credit Report for free without a credit card. While you can access your free credit score and report via Quizes at any time, you can update the two every six months.’s goal is to tie you up to reduce your debt through refinancing and low interest rate credit card options. Your free credit score is part of the contract and you do not have to provide your credit card information to receive it.

Disclosure of required credit score

You may be aware of a law requiring credit bureaus to provide each consumer with a copy of a free annual credit report.

Unfortunately, this law does not give consumers access to their credit scores. However, there is another law that gives some consumers a free credit score, but only after a credit-based application is established.

The new Credit Disclosure Law requires banks to give a free credit score to candidates who are either denied or approved with less favorable terms because of their loans. You don’t have to do anything to get this free credit score. It is automatically sent based on the creditor’s decision.

Unfortunately, there are times when you will not receive this free credit score, even if you are denied. For example, banks do not have to send credit score disclosures when using an international credit score, and insurance companies are not required to disclose a credit-based rating used to provide an insurance premium.

Not a FICO rating

Not a FICO rating

The downside of credit for credit scores is that scores are not likely to be a FICO score, and the result most commonly used by lenders. These results may differ from one another and are usually different from your FICO score even on the basis of that bureau’s credit report.

You can get a free FICO score with credit score disclosure, but this is only if the bank uses the FICO score in making its decision.

Otherwise, you will get another result, but it will be the actual result that the bank used, not the educational result.

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