What does taking a cash loan look like

Good Finance is a financial comparison website, thanks to which you can check the best offers of cash loans, mortgages, consolidation loans, bank accounts, savings accounts, deposits, and credit cards in one place. With the help of Good Finance, you can compare offers from different banks – easily, quickly and without leaving your home.

As a team of analysts, we test daily, including at what time the bank will call you back and whether the offer on the website is consistent with what you will hear on the bank helpline. We also collect valuable tips that will be useful if you decide to apply for a loan. Are you interested in the Fine Bank offer? See the most sensible approach to the topic.

Cash loan at Fine Bank – I’m sending an inquiry and what next?

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Do you like Fine Bank offer in our cash loan ranking? To ask for details, click “Ask for credit”. Then a window will appear for entering your name, surname, and telephone number. If you leave us a contact person, an advisor from Fine Bank will call you back in a few minutes.

Only the bank you choose will contact you. We do not transfer your phone number to other banks without your consent.

Why the bank Because we don’t grant loans

Why the bank Because we don

We allow you to easily compare offers, contact a selected bank, ask for details and obtain loan conditions that are tailored to your situation. But it is the bank adviser who will guide you through the entire credit process up to the withdrawal of funds.

Prepare your ID card for the interview with the Good Credit bank employee. Consider what your monthly living costs are (e.g. bills, flat rental fee – not including grocery purchases or cleaning products). Also, check your employer’s tax identification number and remember when you work at your current company.

When you receive a call from the bank, the adviser will ask you a few preliminary questions that will help you assess whether you can continue applying for a loan:

  • Do you work in the current company min? 3 months?
  • Do you have a stable and documented income?
  • Don’t you have bailiff classes and significant delays in paying your current obligations?

If you answered YES 3 times, keep reading!

The adviser will go to more detailed questions that will help you fill out the loan application and generate an offer for you. This is a list of questions you’ll hear during a phone conversation:

  • first name and last name,
  • PESEL number,
  • series and number of ID card and its expiry date,
  • address (residence and correspondence),
  • Phone number,
  • e-mail address,
  • Place of birth,
  • education,
  • marital status,
  • where do you live (house, own flat, rented flat, etc.),
  • parents’ names,
  • monthly maintenance costs,
  • number of dependents,
  • form of employment, amount of remuneration, position you hold,
  • since you are employed,
  • Employer’s tax identification number,
  • do you have any obligations (installments, loans, alimonies, bailiffs),
  • did you guarantee someone a loan
  • are you a senior manager
  • what day you receive remuneration on to which bank,
  • do you have life insurance,
  • How many times have you changed jobs over the last 5 years?

The adviser will ask you about the possibility of checking your credit history in Credit Checker. You will receive information about the specific consent you accept. Your consent is required to present you with an offer. If your verification is successful, the adviser will provide you with specific credit conditions tailored to you.

An advisor from Fine Bank offered us a loan offer with insurance. However, it is not mandatory. If you do not want to buy it (the loan will be more expensive), ask for an offer without insurance.

Do you enjoy the proposed conditions?

Do you enjoy the proposed conditions?

You can proceed to sign the contract. Unfortunately, if you have not been a customer of Fine Bank before, you must go to any bank outlet for this purpose. The offer you received on the phone will be assigned to you in the system for Fine Bank advisors. So you don’t have to worry about it being lost.

Remember to bring your ID card and bank statement from the last three months. An identity card is needed for the advisor in the facility to confirm your details, while the account statement to confirm income and expenses.

If you do not have a printer or do not want to bear the cost of printing the statement, you can do it on-site at the bank. You can log into your online banking on the device available in the outlet and print the account history. Remember that this is a public place, so for your comfort and security, it is worth maintaining all precautions when logging in, and after returning home, change the password to your banking.

6During your visit to the outlet, your bank advisor will tell you if the documents are complete and correct. If so, you will get the final loan decision the same day, sign the contract and then you will also receive funds to your account. If additional documents need to be reported, the adviser will tell you. As a result, the process can be extended to a maximum of 5 business days.

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